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Our Values

Our Values

The 6 Core Values That Guide Us

Our Core Values are about being honest and fair, having the courage to speak up, showing respect, and doing the right thing. From providing customers with incredible products and services to creating successful careers for our people or driving sustainability initiatives for the planet, we want to meet our goals for today and continuously improve for tomorrow.

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Customer Satisfaction

We deeply understand and fulfill the needs of internal and external customers, particularly consumers.

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We deliver outstanding results through superior people, process, and products.

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Continual Improvement

We constantly embrace new areas for learning, development, and growth.

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We are one global team working together with respect, trust, and mutual support.

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We take responsibility for the outcomes of our decisions and actions, and behave with honesty and intergrity.

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We pioneer creative solutions, enable diversity of thought, accelerate speed-to-market, and push the boundaries of technology.